Auto financing and credit in Nanaimo

The Credit Wizard is your name to remember for rebuilding your credit and obtaining a car loan and financing in Nanaimo and on Vancouver Island!

My name is Lee MacDonald, and I have been Woodgrove Chrysler's Credit Wizard since April 2008. Before I became the Credit Wizard I worked for TD Financing Services for two years where I learned all about repairing and re-establishing credit through second chance credit and even third chance credit.

Having a background in automobile financing, I understand what it takes to get car and truck loan approvals from the various lenders I work with. I have become an expert on quite literally getting my customers "on the road" to repairing their credit.

The Credit Wizard will:

  • Lend professional, no-pressure assistance
  • Fix your transportation needs
  • Rebuild and establish your credit
  • Inform and involve you along every step of the car credit process

We can help you with automotive financing even if you've had problems with:

  • Collections
  • Judgments
  • Bankruptcy or discharged
  • Old bad credit
  • New credit
  • New job
  • Auto repossession

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